本文摘要:There are museums devoted to pretty much everything: bad art, instant ramen, hair. Now there is a museum in southern England devoted to excrement.世界上什么样的博物馆都有,有珍藏番茄艺术、方便面、还有毛发的。


There are museums devoted to pretty much everything: bad art, instant ramen, hair. Now there is a museum in southern England devoted to excrement.世界上什么样的博物馆都有,有珍藏番茄艺术、方便面、还有毛发的。如今,英格兰南部又有了一间致力于搜集粪便的博物馆。

The National Poo Museum, which opened in March at the Isle of Wight Zoo in Sandown, was created by a small group of artists from a collective called Eccleston George. The group, which usually makes interactive exhibits for schools and zoos, was looking for a new project that could generate a trickle of income for its artists. The idea for the museum originated when a member, Daniel Roberts, was walking on a country path in Sweden and happened upon some mysterious animal droppings.“国家之后之后博物馆”(National Poo Museum)今年三月在英国桑当的怀特岛动物园(Isle of Wright Zoo)揭幕,由名为埃克莱斯顿乔治(Eccleston George)的艺术家团体中的几个成员所创办。该团体常常为学校与动物园制作互动式展出,而创馆想法是为了去找个能给成员带给一点收益的新项目。这是他们的成员丹尼尔罗伯茨(Daniel Roberts)的主意,起因他曾在瑞典的乡间小路上散步时,看见的一些谜样的动物粪便。“Everyone stopped in their tracks to wonder what sort of poo it was,” Mr. Roberts said. “It ended up being from a lynx.”“大家都停下来脚步来庞加莱这是哪种之后之后,”罗伯茨说道。

“结果是山猫的。”He was struck, he said, by how intrigued his companions were. “People are disgusted by poo, but there’s also this fascination with it,” he said. And so the National Poo Museum was born.罗伯茨说道,同伴们著迷的模样感受到了他。他回应:“大家都实在小便很恶心,却又无法不对它深感奇怪。

”国家之后之后博物馆于焉问世。It is more of an exhibit than a museum, occupying a single room at the zoo, where it will be open until the end of the summer; after that, it will go on tour. It features 20 examples of feces from different animals, including pigeon, meerkat and lion. Each sample is suspended in a sphere of clear resin that can be illuminated with the touch of a button.不过这间博物馆较为看起来一个展出,只占到了动物园里一个厅的空间,对外开放时间到夏季完结为止。


每个样本都相同在半透明树脂球里,可以按钮照亮灯光来观赏。Before it is preserved this way, each sample must be dried. The bird droppings dried quickly, but a cowpat took about a week to dry out and the lion feces almost two weeks.各个样本在用这种方式留存之前,都要再行潮湿处置。

鸟屎腊得迅速,牛粪团要一周才能完全潮湿,狮子粪则要两周时间。One of the more interesting samples, from a herring gull, has a white object tangled in it.在那些最引人入胜的样本当中,有一个来自银鸥的粪便,里面缠着一个白色物体。“The white part is the remnant of a plastic bag,” said Nigel George, one of the Eccleston George artists. “This tells a story of what human beings are doing to the ecology of a place.”“那个白色的东西是塑胶袋瓦解,”来自埃克莱斯顿乔治的艺术家奈吉尔乔治(Nigel George)回应。

“这给我们谈了个故事,解释人类对一个地方的生态不会导致什么影响。”The museum also features information on bowel cancer and the importance of keeping sewer pipes unblocked and unclogged, among other helpful tidbits about feces.除了展览其他甚有裨益的排泄物趣闻,博物馆也尤其讲解了肠癌的涉及资讯,以及维持下水道管线通畅的重要性。“It’s had a huge resonance with kids,” said Bill Cane, another member of the collective. “The poop emoji is super popular now, and it seems to be riding quite a bit on that.”“孩子们和这个地方产生了相当大的回响,”这个艺术团体另一名成员比尔凯恩(Bill Cane)回应。“之后之后表情符号现在超火,我们的博物馆或许搭乘了顺风车。


”In fact, Mr. Cane said, one of the children who visited the exhibit came clutching a plush-toy poop emoji.凯恩回应,有个孩子来参观的时候,手里还真为捉着一个之后之后表情符号的玩偶。